Fesch’swap Wien

… swap clothes, bags, books, games & plants. It can’t get any fescher than this!

1 Closet: Take everything with you! Bring everything you have!
2 Voucher: After your clothes are weighed, you’ll receive a voucher for every kilo you submit (one-off participation fee: 5 Euro / max. 3 kg).
3 Swapping rush: Dig deep and exchange your vouchers for new precious things.
4 Charity: The clothes which don’t find a new home during the swap will be donated to charity.
5 Special: Patch Station

Clothes for men and children, shoes and bags are also welcome!

Important requirement: Your clothes must be in good condition and washed – please don’t bring any broken or dirty clothes, underwear or socks. Participation fee: 5 Euro/3 kg. All remaining items will be donated to a charity organisation.

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